The Best Way To Pan Fry Steak

Pan-fried steak is delicious. Oily and tasty (but never greasy), and with a beautiful brown crust, pan frying a steak is quick and easy – if you know what you’re doing! Curious to learn about the best way to pan fry steak? Check out our easy-to-follow guide below! What You’ll Need – Picking The Right...
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Best Way to Cook Asparagus Spears

Asparagus is delicious. With a natural, grassy taste that’s bright and fresh, there’s nothing quite like a perfectly cooked asparagus spear. However, many people think that the best way to cook asparagus spears is by steaming or boiling them – which results in limp, flavorless asparagus. If you’re interested in learning the best way to...
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How to Cook Steak in a Cast Iron Skillet

Sometimes, the old methods are the best. If you’ve got an old well-seasoned cast iron skillet hanging around, you’re in possession of one of the very best tools for cooking steak. Interested in learning how to cook steak in a cast iron skillet? Here’s what you need to know.
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Best Way to Cook Steak

Cooking steak is a controversial subject. Everyone has their own favorite technique. From pan-frying to grilling, braising, broiling, sous-viding, and everything in-between! Sometimes it’s hard for cooks to make heads or tails of how to cook steak. That’s why we’re here with a simple guide on the best way to cook steak. While there are...
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Best Electric Frying Pan

Electric frying pans offer a convenient alternative to traditional stoves and cooktops. They can be used in places where you can’t access a standard range or stove. The best electric frying pan devices also offer easily-controllable temperature settings, perfect for cooking touchy items like doughnuts, griddling pancakes, or braising meat for stews. So read our electric...
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Best Omelette Pan

Cooking an omelette is a delicate operation – and making the perfect omelette requires the best omelette pan available. You need to control the heating of your pan perfectly, and you’ll need a pan that provides even coverage, and a non-stick coating that makes flipping or removing your omelette a breeze. So check out our...
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